September/Oktober 2023


1.) Reading: Charlotte’s Life Blog

Have your worksheet ready. Read Charlotte’s blog entry and choose the correct letters (A–I) to complete the sentences.

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Charlotte's life blog

Hello everyone! Today, I need your advice, dear readers.

The thing is: I am really unhappy about using so much plastic in my daily life. It all began when I read a book about how damaging plastic is for our planet and for our health. I made my parents and my sister read it too – they feel the same and are really supportive. Now, we hope to find a way to stop using plastic altogether! There are so many blogs out there about living plastic-free, and I’ve found some great tips already. But I would love to hear from you, my wonderful readers:

Have you tried to stop using plastic? Please share your ideas in the comments and help us get started!



Great decision, Charlotte!
I’ve not used plastic for over a year now, since my last holiday. I spent a week by the sea, and every evening, the beach was covered in plastic waste – it was shocking. Sure, I’d read that there is a lot of plastic in the ocean, but seeing it myself… I needed to change my life after that.


My advice is this: give yourself time! You won’t change your whole life in a few days, but even little changes can make a big difference. You could start with groceries – take your own bags to the shop, choose milk and other drinks in glass bottles, and try to avoid plastic wrapping as much as possible. 


Great to hear that your family is on board! Josh’s ideas are a good start. Another good way to avoid packaging is to shop at farmers’ markets, or find a special store that sells food without packaging. Whenever I leave the house, I always have a refillable water bottle in my rucksack.                                    


2.) Listening: Melinda’s Sparkling DIY Corner

Have your worksheet ready. First, read sentences 1–8 below. Then listen to the recording.

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Melinda’s Sparkling DIY Corner

You will hear a radio program about a DIY (do-it-yourself) project.



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