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ENGLISH TO GO – Juni 2024

Strange sports

Some sports are played in huge stadiums in front of cheering crowds. Some are Olympic competitions. And some – well, they aren’t that serious. Read the texts below about some of the world's strangest sports.

In Bossaball, players throw a ball over a net while jumping on large trampolines.
In Bossaball, players throw a ball over a net while jumping on large trampolines.Foto: Konstantin K4/Shutterstock.com

A: Bossaball
Bossaballhas elements of volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and capoeira. The players throw or kick a ball over a net, all while jumping on large trampolines! This lively and acrobatic sport was invented in Brazil. Now, it is played in various countries worldwide.

B: Octopush
This sport was invented in England. It is also known as underwater hockey and is played at the bottom of a swimming pool. The players use snorkels to breathe. For this sport, you need a puck – a flat rubber disc usually used for ice hockey. Players try to score goals by pushing the puck with short sticks into the other team's net. It's a fast-paced and exciting sport.

C: Quidditch
Quidditch was famous even before it became a real sport – it was the school sport in Hogwarts, the famous wizarding school in the Harry Potter novels. Now, it is popular on many college campuses worldwide. Players run with broomsticks between their legs, score goals by throwing balls through hoops, try pushing other players out of the way and look for the "Golden Snitch."

In Quidditch, players run with broomsticks between their legs and score goals by throwing balls through hoops.
In Quidditch, players run with broomsticks between their legs and score goals by throwing balls through hoops.Foto: tony_gl/Shutterstock.com

D: Stiletto Run
In this sport, participants have to run short distances wearing high-heeled shoes. It’s really difficult to run in these shoes! Everyone tries to be faster than the other runners without falling over. It’s not known where the stiletto run was invented, but today, such races take place in many places all over the world, often as part of a festival or to collect money for a good cause.

E: Ostrich Racing
Ostrich racing events became popular in the 19th century. Participants ride on the backs of these large birds, competing in races against other riders. The first prize goes to the person who makes it over the finishing line on their bird’s back. However, some animal welfare group want to stop these races because they can be very stressful for the birds.

F: Underwater Rugby
Underwater rugby is a contact sport played in a swimming pool, with two teams aiming to score goals by placing a buoyant ball in the opposing team's basket on the pool floor. Players wear snorkels, masks, fins, and protective gear, making it a unique and challenging sport.


Now open the worksheet and solve the tasks for the text above.

Foto: Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock.com

Interview with Aaron Schohn

Interview with Aaron Schohn


Open the worksheet and listen to the interview with trail runner Aaron Schohn.

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