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ENGLISH TO GO – Februar 2024

Drama, baby!

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Read the text about some of the best TV shows und tick the right answer on your worksheet.

Dear Readers of Good TV Shows Magazine,

in our last edition we asked our readers to write in, telling us about their favorite TV show of all time, and why it’s their favorite. So many of you wrote in! Here, we’ve collected some of the best letters below.

A. Julie

For years my favorite show has been Friends. I know it is a little older, but I just love all the different characters. They can always make me laugh after a bad day and I love watching them deal with their friendships and relationships. It is easy to watch and not very hard to follow. At the same time, it is hilarious and makes me feel better at the end of a tough day.

B. Xander

My favorite show of all time is South Park. I love the whole design of the show and that the characters look like they were cut out of paper. I also really like the humor in South Park. It criticizes a lot of political figures and famous people. The writers of the show are not afraid to make fun of anyone. My favorite character is Cartman – he always does his own thing and is really outspoken. I hope the show never ends!

C. Steph

I was so sad when How I Met Your Mother ended. I couldn’t believe that I would no longer be able to watch Barney say “challenge accepted” or “legen-wait for it-dary”. The catch phrases were really what made this show special, as well as the imperfect characters. It is a great show because the characters are people like you and me. They all have their problems but that makes you want to know more about them. I hope the creators will come up with a sequel.

D. Eve

This show is really old, but I love Golden Girls. The main reason is that I always used to watch it with my Granny. Her favorite character was Sophia and she always used to chuckle when she would say “Picture it. Sicily 19 …” at the beginning of a long, drawn-out story. My Granny loved it when Sophia would insult all the other characters. My Granny and Sophia were very similar!

E. Chris

The best TV show of all time has to be The Simpsons. I think it is great that it has been on TV since the 80s and is still going. It has to be an awesome show to still be on TV! My favorite thing about the show is that the opening sequence is always different and always has something to do with the episode. I always try to skip the start when I watch other shows, but not with The Simpsons.


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